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MCH ProCare

Taking care of the patient is a top priority for MCH ProCare. And as the area’s population continues to grow, so expands the need for additional healthcare providers within the MCH ProCare system. The area has unique healthcare needs due to many residents being underserved medically and economically. Therefore, the wide variety of service lines necessary to successfully treat the varying populations creates a challenge for health care providers. This challenge, however, is one that MCH ProCare gladly accepts.

MCH ProCare realizes the need for conveniently located clinics and medical offices. The large service area led to the decision to open multiple locations throughout Odessa and Ector County. MCH ProCare providers treat patients at four Urgent Care locations, two Clinics at Walmart and two Family Health Clinics. Services provided at these clinics range from care for minor emergencies, and illnesses to specialized services such as optometry and dental. Additionally, care is provided to all ages, Starting with the Healthy Kids Clinic available for our young patients.

A growing West Texas population has necessitated additional obstetric and gynecological services. MCH ProCare is proactively meeting this need by developing the MCH ProCare Women’s & Maternity Center, currently under construction with an anticipated November 2016 “due date”. This new facility will be home for a group of four highly-trained OB/GYNs who will provide services ranging from routine exams and counseling to the management of high-risk pregnancies and minimally invasive surgery.

Other specialized services provided by MCH ProCare include Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Vascular, Orthopedics and Interventional Pain Management.

MCH ProCare is proud to offer physicians the opportunity to have a greater focus on quality patient care. And MCH ProCare physicians are pleased to offer incredible care that leads to patient satisfaction and improved community health. This is a role that MCH ProCare takes seriously now and into the future.


Internal Medicine – April 2003

Family Medicine – December 2010

Women’s & Maternity Center – May 2013

Pediatrics – November 2013

Retail Clinics

Walmart West – January 2010

Walmart East – July 2010

Urgent Care

Center for Health & Wellness – October 2010

MCH Campus – February 2012

Center for Primary Care – West University – September 2014

Center for Primary Care – JBS Parkway – September 2014


Gastroenterology – September 2010

Endocrinology – August 2012

Orthopedics – October 2012

Pain Management – October 2012

Laser & Wellness Center – February 2013

Cardiology – January 2014

Vascular Surgery – March 2014

Hand Surgery – March 2014

Otolaryngology – October 2014


Anesthesia – November 2002

Radiology – December 2007

Critical Care Intensivist – October 2011

Pathology – October 2012

Hospitalists – August 2014

43 Hospital Based Providers
62 Clinic Based Providers
Total = 105 Physicians/NP/PA/CRNA
and 201 Support Staff

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