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MCHS Community Health

Now in its third year of existence, the Medical Center Health System (MCHS) Community Health department has expanded to include nurse navigators, care coordinator nurses, care transition coordinators and social workers. Each member of the Community Health team strives to provide advocacy, education and support to patients and families both in the hospital and well into the community. The team goal is to help patients transition back into the community safely and in a timely manner, while avoiding unnecessary hospital stays. 

Care Coordination & Navigation Services

Since 2013, the MCHS Community Nurse Navigators and Care Coordinator Nurses have assisted over 6,000 patients. Services include assistance with care coordination and discharge planning while in the hospital, patient education, connecting with community resources, continuity of care and assistance with establishing a medical home in the community.

MCHS Faith & Health Network

The MCHS Faith & Health Network continues to grow and promote health in the community. The network currently has 17 participating congregations and over 1,400 members. New opportunities continue to be developed in an effort to engage members in an educational and interactive forum. Health fairs sponsored by the congregations are a great avenue to reach our community with health information and resources. The latest development, Health-e-Habits, will also challenge members to interact with the network for the purpose of receiving incentives toward their individual health.

Emergency Department Navigation Services

Established in 2014, Emergency Department navigation services have now provided assistance for over 800 patients. The ED nurse navigator provides patients with education and guidance on how to access care at the right time, right place and for the right cost based on their medical condition. Patients are also connected with community resources and a primary care provider.

Oncology Navigators

MCHS has two dedicated oncology nurse navigators to support patients during a difficult time. Patients diagnosed with cancer are provided with support, education and resources while in the hospital and after they are discharged. Support groups, art classes, and other community events are also available to these patients and families through the work of the oncology nurse navigators.

Grant Funding

MCHS has recently been awarded another two-year grant to improve community health rankings and to reduce avoidable admissions into the hospital. The grant work to improve the health and wellness of our community will occur through the united community efforts of the Ector County Health Care Coalition. Various community opportunities to increase physical activity and promote healthy lifestyle choices are still underway to reduce Ector County’s obesity rate of 32 percent. Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in Ector County, and participating in daily physical activity is a great way to stay fit, lose weight and reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions.

Community Events

Co-led with the Agape Dream Center, the 2015 Spring Fling drew more than 500 attendees. This event focused on health screenings, information and community resources. Over a dozen different agencies and hospital departments participated in this event in an effort to bring health directly into the community. It is reported that one in three (27 precent) of adults in Ector County are uninsured. Additionally 21 percent of residents report poor or fair health. Other events such as Sweet Expectations, Day of Dance, Girls’ Night Out, Cancer Awareness events and community agency partnerships advance the MCHS mission.

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